The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our own frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.

H.P. Lovecraft (The Call Of Cthulhu)

Applied Chaos Resources Database

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Coming June 1. Applied Chaos will be providing a full-text, searchable database with images, reviews, and descriptions of products, services, artists and art work, based on the Silverstream application platform. For an entry in the supplier's or artist's database, please see the section on membership.

For now, here is a list of some links you might find useful.

Art & Craft Bookmarks

Business & Marketing Support

SCORE - Service Corps Of Retired Executives
The Crafts Report Online
UPS Package Tracking
The New England Foundation for the Arts ONLINE
Ha-Lo Promotional Products
Search Public Eye Certified Safe Shopping Sites
Arts/Crafts Business - Welcome from The Mining Co.
National Museum of American Art
ArtMetal Village
EyeWire: Stock Photos
Internet Advertising Bureau
Lexington Arts & Crafts Society
Hobby Industry Association


Training Materials
Cool Edit
bobby prince Music: Frame Setup Page
Music Boulevard
IUMA: Independent Artists and Bands
Total Swing Online
Hubbard Harpsichords, Inc.
Folk Venues
Music Alive! Main Menu
C.B. Fisk, Inc.
Making Windchimes
Musicmaker's Kits, Inc.
Folk Alliance
Vulcan's compact disc packaging specifications
Taylor Guitars
Buckdancer's Choice Music Company - Guitars, Amps and Stringed Instruments
Guitar Base GuitarMall - Largest Guitar and Vintage Guitar Inventory on the Internet
Classical MIDI Archives
Classical MIDI Archives - J.S.Bach Chorales
Classical MIDI Archives - J.S.Bach
Classical MIDI Archives


Luthier Sites


Hamilton/Roberts Designs Woodworking
NW Finewoodworking
Australian Wood Artisans

Ben Green's digitalportfolio
Charlotte Woodworkers
David Geyer's Page  
Harry's Woodworking

Sal Marino's Woodworking Page
John Reed Fox: Rosewood China Cabinet 
Mclaren woodworks

Discussion groups

Andrew's Woodworking Home Page
The Woodworkers' Forum
Woodworkers Resource Central
House O' Tools Message Board
Ask The Builder
Better Woodworking Resource
Better Woodworking
KCDw Cabinetmaking Software
Oak Factory
The Woodshop
Windsor Plywood
Woodworking FAQs
Woodworking Forum
Woodworking on the Web
Woodworking with Kids
The Electronic Neanderthal Woodworker 
The Woodworking Market Place
The Eclectic Woodworking Journalist
Woodworking at the WWA


More Woodworking

Box Info

Puzzlebox page
Made In Colorado On-line 
Saybrook Gifts 
Puzzle World Homepage 
Costan Rican Puzzleboxes 
Treasure State Memories
Wood Sense, Fine Woodwork in Australian Timbers 
Puzzletts Puzzles and Brainteasers
Cleverwood Crafts Woodworks 
Rob's Puzzle pages archive - Puzzel pagina's 
Peter Cook - Wooden Puzzle Boxes 

Antique & Used Tools

old cinema antiques - smalls
Old Woodworking Tools

Tools & Machines

The Cayce Company - Woodworking Machinery & Tooling
Powermatic Specials
Hock Handmade Knives

Wood Info, Kits, Plans, & Books

The Woodshed
WoodNet: Woodworking
Wood Links
More Wood Links
Plans on the Web
Woodshed - Moorhead, MN
Woodworking at WOODWEB
Sam Allen Woodworking Books & Tools
Woodworkers' Discount Books
Woodworking Catalog
Woodworking Plans & Books
Blanket Chest Plan
Weekend Workshop
Scroll sawing patterns, etc.
WoodsmithShop: Traditional European Workbench
Woodworking search results
Ridge Point Products
Musicmaker's Kits, Inc.

Online Magazines

Fine Woodworking Online Home Page
Wood Online
Woodworker's Journal Home Page
The Woodworking Catalog
CabinetMaker Online
FDM Online
Home and Workshop Online
ShopNotes Magazine
Wood Magazine
WoodNet: Woodworking
Wooden Reflections
Woodworker West
Woodworking Times
Events listing for Woodworking


Drawer Pulls
Crown City Hardware

Wood Suppliers

Northwest Timber
The Hardwood Store's Home Page
Albert Forest Products, Inc.
World of Woods : Tropical Woods
California Walnut Designs
Claro Walnut / Black Walnut, Walnut Burl, Hardwood Supply
Intercity Lumber's Home Page
Wall Lumber
A & M Wood Specialty
Certainly Wood
Eisenbrand Inc. Exotic Hardwoods
Robinson Lumber


Independence Tool: Ordering Information
The Woodworkers' Store
Lie-Nielsen Toolworks
D&J Hobby and Crafts 
Woodcrafter Supplies

More Woodworking

Associations & Schools

The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship
The North Bennet Street School
Fine Furniture- College of the Redwoods
Arizona WoodTurners Assoc.
New England Woodcarvers
Ornamental Turning & Antique
Victorian Woodworkers Assoc.
Forestry Groups
Nat'l Museum of American Art
National Wood Flooring Assoc.
Woodworking Centre of Ontario
East Surrey Woodturners - Web Links
The American Association of Woodturners
Steve Shook's Directory of Forest Products, Wood Science, and Marketing

Tech Stuff

TechWeb -- The Technology Super Site
TBTF Home and Archive
Creating Killer WebSites - Tools

Reading & Writing Books! Earth's Biggest Bookstore.
The Zuzu's Petals Literary Resource
Guide To Electronic Resources For Journalists
Zuzu's Petals Fourth Annual Twice-Yearly Poetry Competitions
Poetry Table
Minuteman Library Network 

Textile Arts

Frequently Asked Questions about Spinning Wheels
Dharma Trading Company
Thai Silks General Information



AltaVista: Main Page
WebCrawler Searching
Internet Address Finder
Welcome to the Electric Library
Lots of different places
HotSheet - real cool compendium of links
Directory of WWW.*.COM Servers
Minuteman library network 
AIM DocFinder
Mass DocFinder

News & Entertainment

San Jose Mercury
Sound Effects
Internet Movie Database
Center for the Easily Amused
The New York Times on the Web
Deja News
Boston Weather
7 Weather
The Weather Channel - Satellite Pictures - Northeast U.S.
Knight-Ridder Information Web Site
Gartner Group @vantage
Advertising Age - Interactive Daily
Real Astrology


Consumers Edge
Misugi Designs
Made In The Shade -- lamps
Bellissimo - lamps
Metalworkers products
Welcome to - Computer hardware, software, games and accessories
eBay - Your Personal Trading Community
The Ultimate Directory -
Koi Varieties


MIT Sailing Home Page
Welcome to the ISAF Website!
International One-Design Homepage

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